Magseed Launch animation


This infographic animation is being used to establish Endomag’s Magseed in the healthcare marketplace, in the US, Canada and Europe. The size of a grain of rice, Magseed is designed to guide surgeons, using the Sentimag system, during breast lumpectomy procedures. As a revolutionary alternative to guidewire use, Magseed has been developed to simplify the treatment of breast cancer, to improve the experience of patients undergoing lump and to support better outcomes. Aimed at health professionals and the general public, the animation explains the concept behind the Magseed and its key benefits.


2d animation, 3d animation, 3d visualisation, Animation, corporate video, exhibition animation, infographic, Island Monkey, IslandMonkey, Launch video, Marketing animation, Product Launch, Sentimag Infographic, Sentimag Product Animation, Sienna+
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